You’ve just launched your new product. It’s been a success so far – what with plenty of journalists, media personalities and a grand dinner afterwards! But what about the millions of others who were invited but couldn’t make it? Don’t worry – that’s where webcast services can help!

Reach out

Chances are not everyone invited could make it to the event. You can make them feel included by sending them an audio clip of the launch. Yes, with MIF Design’s webcast services, you can reach out to the scores of people out there – at the same time as the event is taking place! Live recordings of the event can simultaneously be uploaded onto your website – so that no one misses a thing!

Our solution

At MIF Design, we use SHOUTcast technology to create our webcasting solutions. SHOUTcast is a multiplatform freeware digital audio streaming technology developed by Nullsoft. It allows all kinds of audio content – primarily in MP3 as well as HE-AAC formats – to be uploaded and broadcast via media playing software.

Create your own Internet radio!

Yes, with MIF Design’s webcasting solutions, it is now possible for you to have your very own Internet radio or web radio network! You can broadcast any information you like and rest assured it will be heard by thousands of people in real time. This is technology that empowers you to involve everyone that’s concerned with your organization – right from prospective customers to shareholders! With MIF Design’s webcast services, we can make this a reality!