Internet marketing has taken the world by storm. You’ll find agencies everywhere promising services that will take their client’s business to new levels. We at MIF Design do not make any such guarantees…

Shocked? We do not make promises. We fulfill them. Through our demonstrated expertise, we aim to bring in measurable results. Our range of services provide end-to-end functionality. That’s why we are different.


Our Internet marketing services take care of all aspects of the marketing. Be it design, development, advertising or sales – we at MIF Design handle it all – expertly. We can help you launch your product fast, at lesser cost, and with greater efficiency. We provide many services such as:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Interactive forms of advertising etc.

With our internet marketing solutions you get to:

  • Know where your traffic comes from – with our site tracking software.
  • Help customers find better – through optimal search functionality.
  • We can makeover your site from scratch, if that’s what you want!

What it does for you?

For starters, an Internet marketing campaign boosts your reach and accessibility. That’s because the information you post is there for all to see – from across the globe! That way you get to extend your market segment rapidly. What’s more, you also save money because you no longer need a sales force to propagate your products for you! Internet marketing does all that and more! Whether you’re a small-sized organization or one with a large network, marketing via the Internet doesn’t differentiate between the two. You’re as good as your information is worth! It’s just that simple.

Tap new markets

Our expert team at MIF Design can boost the reach of your website. Through our wide range of Internet marketing tools, we can help you tap new markets. This way you can transcend geographical boundaries and watch sales soar! We handle all your marketing needs – right from conceptualization and design, to actual implementation, advertising and promotions as well as sales and marketing. The best thing about this is that your customers can be free to purchase your products and learn more about them at anytime! This means that there is no particular season for sales – you can be assured of sales all year round, 24 hours a day! Also time differences across the globe cease to be of importance as your website will be accessible 24x7 via Internet marketing!