The answer could lie in poor e-commerce functionality. No matter how good your product is, if there is no ease in payment options or if there is no shopping cart then you can be sure that customers won’t wait. They’ll simply move to some other site. That’s why having a good e-commerce solution is so important. At MIF Design we understand this and hence provide a plethora of services to choose from.

Multitude of services

Our e-commerce services include installation of Shopping Cart. It is easily integrated with a website, no matter how complex the layout. It provides ease of use and a high level of security for convenient payment. We also integrate various payment modes into your website – such as PayPal, moneybookers etc. If you don’t have an existing e-commerce system on your website, we can install and integrate it with your website. This way visitors can easily shop and place orders for products on your site.

Our solutions also enable clients with merchant accounts to process transactions automatically. We also integrate credit card payment into our e-commerce systems to enable users to easily pay through their existing credit cards. This is not an easy task and requires complex management of special software and server configuration – something which we are experts at.


By having a shopping cart in place, you literally entice customers to purchase more. The prospect of adding items as they wish is tempting for any customer. It’s a win-win situation that ensures more sales and greater customer satisfaction. No e-commerce solution is ever complete without a suitable call to action. Buttons like ‘add items’ or ‘add to shopping cart’ tell the customer what to do and guide them into purchasing!

These are small details we at MIF Design never overlook. It’s because we know customers need to be led into doing things. Sales don’t just happen – they are acquired. We also ensure that payment gateways are completely safe and over a secure connection. Encryption software prevents the ability to detect any credit card details, making shopping very safe and enjoyable.