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For many organizations, it’s the little things that take up the most time. Like for example updating new content on the website. That’s why we at MIF Design take the burden of content management off your shoulders – so you can focus on more important issues.


Our content management system is unique because it was developed in-house by our own team at MIF Design. It uses PHP/MySQL technology and has been designed to be compatible with any kind of complex web layout and system. We can integrate site scanner, web analyzer and even shopping cart modules with our content management system.

Supports a variety of digital content

Our content management system is geared to support any type of digital content. So whether you wish to upload a new multimedia file, a document or text file, or even any audio and video clips – our system is able to upload all of these.

Bring in change

Imagine having the name of a board member who has already resigned! Terrible, right? Our content management system ensures that almost anyone with a little computer knowledge can upload new content onto your website. No more dependence on skilled employees.

Broadcast the information you want

Want to share a new product feature with your audience? You can easily upload an audio or video file and transmit it to millions across the globe! With MIF Design’s content management services, you can set up your own internet radio on the web! You can upload text or streaming content on your website and see it being viewed by your site visitors! You can choose to send either a live event or even a pre-recorded one. However a live transmission is far more genuine and less prone to being copied by any other source.

Easy distribution

The Internet has indeed made the world a global village! Now you can set up your own radio or TV station on your website. Whether you plan to broadcast an investor meeting for your shareholders, or a tutorial for an e-learning program – you can do it all via MIF Design’s content management services. All the major organizations are fast picking up on webcasts and online video recordings to cater to their audiences. Time you did too