Our firm started small but although our size was limited our roots ran deep into the ground. This is why we have emerged stronger every year. Today, custom web design is our middle name. We live it and breathe it into our existence. It forms the very core of what we are.

Geared for greater growth

MIF Design didn’t stop there. Our crew and capabilities evolved with the changing times. For the next three years, our area of focus was targeted towards creating and maintaining Intranet applications for diverse companies. Simultaneously, we worked with leading web design studios with regard to CMS (Content Management Systems) development, payment systems integration, programming, DB development and other core activities. With every project our skills and reputation grew stronger.

Taking on the e-world

MIF Design launched its website in the year 2005. This gave us a new lease on life on the Internet. It opened our gates to global customers and ofcourse- competition. MIF Design didn’t back away. Instead we began to grow in leaps and bounds. Two able and talented designers joined us in 2006 and from then on, we have been a force to reckon with. Committed, dedicated and trustworthy, MIF Design is grounded in strong principles and volumes of sheer talent.

The era of web design

With more and more companies launching their businesses on the World Wide Web, there was almost a tangible need for custom web design. Competition grew fierce and customers began opting for products that were showcased on attractive and intelligent websites. This is where MIF Design stepped in. We took the initiative to give our clients something unique, different and compelling. It worked!

Superior custom web design

Today MIF Design can be considered along with the best web design firms in the world. We take our clients’ business very seriously. This is why our custom web design team makes every effort to first understand your requirements prior to designing a site. Our crew knows that custom web design calls for intelligent creativity which amounts to results. Without results, web design would be futile.

Focused on quality

At MIF Design, you can expect more than the best. Why? Our focus lies on client delight- every step of the way. Every custom web design project goes though a strict quality control process to ensure that you get outstanding results. Any glitch is tackled immediately and set on the right course. Having adopted the industry’s best practices we are confident of our procedures and policies. We care about the details.

A committed team

Handpicked from amongst the best, the MIF Design team excels in creating custom web design solutions for clients from different industries. With hands-on expertise we take on multi-level projects with ease and confidence. Our strict recruitment process ensures that our recruits are top picks from the industry.

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